up mountains and past streams (of consciousness)

After recently venturing off on a spontaneous road trip to the Smoky Mountains, I find myself constantly missing the curvy, shaded drives with occasional sunbeams peeking through the trees, the sights of black bears and elk, and of course the mountains. On the first day of the trip, my boyfriend and I made the trek to the Chimney Tops, which are these are four peaks that you climb all the way to the top of and out to the last one to get the most stunning panoramic view. They Chimney Tops are at an elevation of 4,800 feet and a two-mile hike from the trailhead, plus the added length of climbing to the actual peaks. It was definitely a hike, and that we will always remember that left us smiling, laughing, and breathing heavily. I thought I’d write a light entry today and describe my stream of conscious as I climb the top of a mountain from the bottom.


  1. I love hiking. I love the outdoors. This is so exciting and beautiful.
  2. I want to live here. I want to just throw my iPhone in the river right now, build a hut, and live out here forever.
  3. Hiking is so relaxing and here I am, out here with my best pal in nature. What could be more perfect than this, right?
  4. Whew! It’s getting a little steep, but it’s okay. I LOVE hiking. I’m on a freaking mountain for crying out loud. I mean, I hike in these beautiful woods and forests with ledges all the time, but like… this is a mountain. 
  5. I think I’m gonna need a drink of water soon, but I need to saver it because we only brought so much. I’ll wait. I’m fine. This is fine. We are all fine.
  6. This just keeps getting steeper and steeper. Wow. I don’t really know why I didn’t think about this. It’s a mountain. Oh my god, I’m gonna be going up the whole time. The entire hike is going to be one big hike UP!
  7. Stillllll beautiful. It’s still beautiful. No. Not beautiful. GORGEOUS. AMAZING. I mean, I’m on a freaking mountain.
  8. I wonder if Noah (my boyfriend) is breathing as heavy as I am. I mean, if I could just make my pulse calm the fudge down, maybe I could hear him.
  9. Alright, it’s time. I NEED a sip of water. We probably only have what, like a mile left? Maybe less?
  10. Are you kidding me. There’s still OVER a mile left? I’m this exhausted and it hasn’t even been one mile?
  11. I asked for this. I wanted this. I WANT this. It’s okay. I’m good. He’s good. We are ALL good.
  12. I mean, look at these beautiful streams of water with all the huge rocks. I could totally jump in and go swimming right now. This is amazing.
  13. I love the way the sun gently lights the pigments in the leaves. The shadows of the trees are so relaxing. Listen to the sounds of nature. It’s beautiful.
  14. Good, there are other people around which means the bears probably won’t come out. I have no energy to run from a bear uphill right now. Or downhill. What if I fall? And with all these steps?
  15. Actually, the steps are kind of helpful. Man, I need to buy hiking boots.
  16. Is this because I don’t eat healthy? Is this why my body hates me?
  17. No.. It’s probably because I didn’t stretch.
  18. No.. It’s probably because I never work out.
  19. Oh, I am SOOO eating a salad when I am done…. Wait, we are camping. I didn’t pack a salad. God, a smoothie sounds heavenly right now.
  20. Look at Noah. Just look at him. Going strong. At least we are in this together. What, like .3 miles left right?
  21. Oh my god. It’s .6. Oh.My.God.
  22. It’s gonna be okay Abbey. Breathe. Picture the view you’re about to see. The mountains. You dream about mountains all the time and now you’re on one. Pull it together.
  23. It’s great how hiking relaxes you. You can clear your mind. It’s so wonderful. Life is so simple.
  24. Alright, life is NOT freaking simple. It’s actually really super hard and I am SO NOT relaxed. Where’s the water bottle? Oh my god, did we already finish it? Please don’t say it’s gone.
  25. Whew! No, we have another. It’s okay. I’m good. He’s good. We are GOOD.
  26. No. GREAT! This is about to be so rewarding.
  27. HA! Look at those other hikers turning around. They can’t even make it to the top. What babies! Their bad, they’re gonna miss the view.
  28. Wait… turning around doesn’t sound so bad actually. Wait! Take me with you.
  29. Is this what women must go through? God.. I don’t even know why but I blame the patriarchy.
  30. No. I am so close. I can feel it this time. I’m not making it up. I think we are getting close.
  31. Did those other hikers just tell me we are almost there?
  32. There’s hope! There is a GOD!
  33. Oh my god. I see it. I see the peaks. I’M ON A MOUNTAIN!!!!
  34. I suddenly have all this energy. Let’s do this ish.
  35. Awesome. The peaks are steep as hell. And I have to climb on all fours.
  36. Actually, I like this better. This isn’t bad at all.
  37. I like climbing. No, I love it. I’m not just hiking up a mountain anymore. I’m climbing it. This is so rewarding.
  38. I wish I could get a picture of this, but I’m not about to stop.
  39. **Sings “Put one foot in front of the otherrrrr”
  40. Yes. Suddenly every motivational song and inspiration quote is coming to mind.
  41. YAAAAAAASSSS! I made it to the peak.
  42. And another peak. Heck, I made it to all of the peaks!
  43. Is it acceptable to rip off my bra and pretend to drum on my chest like George of the Jungle?
  44. I’m a Motherfudgin’ BOSS.
  45. Let’s just sit here and drink all the water and enjoy this.
  46. Ah, that was a piece of cake.
  47. Look at this view. Look.at.it. Stunning.
  48. Suddenly life is so simple and everything makes sense.
  49. My body that wouldn’t let me breathe at a normal human rate got me up to the top of this mountain and now I’m queen of all the mountains.
  50. My mind…it’s so…clear.
  51. My heart is so happy. And look at him… Isn’t he perfect? He’s so perfect. I’m so happy. These trees… they’re perfect too. And the sky… And the clouds..And the mountains… It’s so perfect. Everything in life is good. I almost forgot that any problems in this world even exist.
  52. Alright, we’ve been up here for an hour. Let’s take some pics and get down from here.
  53. Wow, goddamn that was rewarding.
  54. Uh oh. I thought I would be excited to walk downhill, but it’s actually kinda hard.
  55. My legs feel like jell-o.
  56. No.. more like spaghetti.
  57. Is there even a normal way to walk downhill?
  58. The streams.. Let’s stick our feet in.
  59. This water is freezing, but I love..
  60. We just climbed a mountain.
  61. I’m sore as hell, but I am so fulfilled and happy and at peace with the world.
  62. …Alright, enough reminiscing.. this gal needs a five course meal like yesterday.
  63. Also… remind me to sign up for yoga… and get a massage.. and like.. force me to eat a salad probably.


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