land safely

It is officially my favorite month. For me, October is filled with so much promise. Not only does it mean earth-toned sweaters, black jeans, boots, fresh air, and changing colors. It also means I turn another year old, and celebrate yet another anniversary with the person I love. There is so much to be thankful for in October.

Today I sat outside on a bench for an hour staring at the trees and the leaves and contemplating.. How do the leaves know what color to turn? Do you think some leaves are ready to let go like a kid from small town venturing off to college ready to talk to its parents merely from a distance? Do you think others are scared of the fall? Where will the wind take them? Does the tree tell wind where to take her leaves? When they become a new part of Mother Nature’s soil, what will grow in their place? What story will unfold there? Whose story will they nourish?

that’s why they call it fall.
Pops, Mom, baby & friend

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